Live Events

Live Corporate Events Credits

DURAMED PHARMACEUTICALS INC. National Launch Meeting 2007
Westin O’Hare Hotel, Chicago, IL
425 Sales Reps and Managers gathered at the Westin O’Hare Hotel in Chicago for a 4-day, enthusiastic team building and product knowledge event.
My role: VOG Announcer
Produced by Meetings In Medicine, Inc.; Brian Stansifer,VP, Executive Producer

PEPSI INTERNATIONAL 2007 Annual Operating Plan Meeting 2006
Westin Diplomat, Hollywood, FL
400 Pepsi International Division’s Executives and Bottlers gathered to review the 2007 AOP for 18 products in Pepsi’s World Headquarters’s Amphitheatre in Purchase, NY.
My role: VOG Announcer Director: Marielena Acevedo, Pepsi Marketing

CEPHALON 2006 National Sales Meeting
Westin Diplomat, Hollywood, FL
Over 1,200 sales reps and executives gathered at the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, FL. (Judging by the exploding sales growth and the enthusiasm of the participants, I’m sorry I didn’t buy the stock a few years ago!) My Role: VOG Announcer introducing each of forty folks selected for induction into the 2005 President’s Club. Top management at CEPHALON is skilled at Team Building, and so is Williams/Gerard Productions, and my boss, Glenn Gautier, Executive Producer for this event.
Producer/Director: Williams/Gerard Productions; Glenn Gautier, Executive Producer

KPMG 2005 Annual Partners’ Meeting 2005
Marriott World Center, Orlando, FL
325 KPMG partners sat in the Crystal J Ballroom of The Marriott World Center in Orlando, FL and laughed at almost every line. Jack Morton Worldwide recruited me to play the host/quizmeister of a 45-minute “Jeopardy” quiz show skit. (Actually, a fun, teambuilding tutorial, altho’ it looked, smelled, and tasted like the famous quiz show) Three KPMG partners competed to answer 28 questions about the firm’s activities and concerns.
KPMG Client: Meghan Bracken, Sr. Director, SEM
Jack Morton production team leaders: JoHannah Adams-King, Executive Producer; Jen Swidler, Creative Director (The entire Jack Morton team was an awesome group of very effective executives.)

Thomas A. Edison N.J. Patent Awards Banquet – 2003 2004 2005
Annual Awards event sponsored by the New Jersey Research Council. Two hundred fifty Scientific, Technological, and Manufacturing innovators, in black tie, gathered for dinner, drinks, speeches and awards. I played Thomas Edison, (Master Of Ceremonies) (Master of Ceremonies, along with my pal, Albert Einstein) congratulating, prodding, pontificating, predicting, and reminiscing!
Producer/Director: Nancy Ori, New Jersey Media Center, Berkeley Hts, NJ

OM Technology, Inc. – 2003
The 2003 SIA (Securities Industry Assn) Technology Management Conference & Exhibit -The New York Hilton Hotel
Hosted O/C opening and closing videos shown at the OM booth.
Spent the better part of two days (with producer, cameraman, and audio engineer tagging along) wandering the exhibit aisles & the various Hilton lobbies, interviewing Conference participants about their technology needs and what they knew about OM Technology.
“What does OM mean to you?” was asked of all the folks interviewed. 96% answered, “Order Management”…..3.9% answered “It’s a Hindu mantra chant.”……..Two people answered, “It’s a Swedish company that owns and manages the Stockholm Stock Exchange.” (Those two were absolutely right!)
Client: Austin Lawrence Group, Stamford, CT
Producer: Rich D’Elia, Chase Wilson Productions

KPMG – 2000
Assurance Group Sales Training Seminar — Keystone Ski Resort, Colorado
Comic Speaker (Industrial Psychologist) “Serious” speech on corporate culture morphed into a “roast” of the top executives present.
Audience: 135 KPMG Sales & Marketing staff attending a seminar in the lodge atop a 12,000 ft. high ski mountain.
Client: Karen Schimpf, National Marketing Director
Producer: Matt Fritz (Jack Morton Worldwide)

The Advertising Club of Westchester – 2000 – 2002
Big W Gala Awards Banquet — Tappan Hill Restaurant, Tarrytown, NY
Master of Ceremonies
Clients: Barbara Branagan & Gene Robins

Chase Manhattan Bank – 2000
Marriott Marquis Hotel, NYC
Awards Announcer for Chase’s 1999 FSD Recognition Meeting
Producer: Roy Cohn (Cohn/Thomas Communications)

United Water Corporation – 1999
1999 Fall Senior Management Conference — Marriott Hotel, Park Ridge, NJ
Host/Master Of Ceremonies
Producer/Director: Rich D’Elia (Chase Wilson Productions)

NY American Marketing Association – 1999 – 2001
Black Tie Awards Banquet — Marriott Marquis Hotel, NYC
Announcer for the Annual EFFIE Awards
Executive Producer: Jeff Goldstein (Legend Productions, Inc.)

Harris Corporation – 1999
Exhibitor’s Booth, NAB Show — Las Vegas Convention Center
“TV Anchor” introducing news items and commentaries on Harris Corporation’s role in HDTV.
Executive Producer: Martha Rapp
Producer/Director: Julia Mintz

Dannon Corporation – 1999
ACBU Sales Seminar — Hilton Head, SC
Host/EmCee in the Comic Role of Dean Sellmore (a la Animal House)
Producer: Joe Shea
Director: Scott Breuninger

Executone Corporation – 1998
Computer Telephony Exposition; Trade Show Booth — Los Angeles Coliseum
Role of an Executone customer whose business had grown with Executone’s support.
Producer/Director: Scott Breuninger

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals – 1996 & 1997
Presidents Circle Awards Banquet — Hyatt Regency Hotel, Greenwich, CT
Role: Awards Presenter at Annual Banquet
Producer/Director: JoAnn Huckvale

The Advertising Club of Western Massachussets – 1995 & 1996
Charles Stein Annual Awards Banquet — Art Museum in Springfield, MA
Role: Awards Presenter
Producer/Director: David Cecchi

Siemens/Cerberus Pyrotronics Corp – 1995 & 1996
National Sales Meeting — Resort Hotel in Tucson, AZ (1995)
Comic Motivational Speaker
Western Patent Medicine Salesman “Doc Pyro” (“One sip of my concoction will make your sales zip!”)
Producer/Director: Rich D’Elia (Chase Wilson Productions)
National Sales Meeting — Marriott Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, FL (1996)
Comic Motivational Speaker
Dr. Albert Einstein (with white wig and moustache!)
Producer/Director: Rich D’Elia (Chase Wilson Productions)

IBM – 1995
COMDEX Exhibition — Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV
Role of Boxing Ring Announcer
Billed as “The Slugfest In The West!”
A life-size boxing ring had been constructed with the three “contenders” (IBM, Oracle, & Microsoft) in it competing to see which one could process certain information faster.
An IBM executive provided the color commentary, while I described the action and asked him questions.
Over 100 press representatives were in attendance.
Encore Productions, Inc., Las Vegas, NV
Producer/Director: Scott Glenn

New York Film & TV Festivals – 1994
TV Commercial Awards Banquet
Role: Awards Presenter at annual black tie event
Producer/Director: Peter Levy (Corniche Productions)

The Connecticut Art Director’s Club – 1992 through 1995
Annual Awards Banquets
Role of Awards Presenter at these annual black tie banquets
Producer: Liz Smith, Executive Director CADC

Metropolitan Life Insurance-1993
Mideastern Leaders Conference — Resort Hotel, Amelia Island, FL
Comic Role: Wizard of Oz commenting from behind my curtain about the conference events and participants.
Guest Speaker: Rick Pitino
Producer/Director: Kathy Miller

Heublein Corporation – 1992
Annual Sales Awards Banquet — Marriott Hotel, Farmington, CT
Role of TV Anchor and Awards Presenter.
Producer/Director: Sam Audia

The Andy Awards – 1991 & 1993
Avery Fisher Hall (NYC)
Role of Awards Presenter
Annual Black Tie Event with an audience of over one thousand professionals.
Producer/Director: Bob Plante