Voiceover & Narration

“Once you’ve worked with Alan Sklar, you will never want to work with any other actor again.”
~ Jen Swidler, Senior Creative Director, Jack Morton Worldwide (NYC)

“Alan, Thanks for loaning me that incredible voice today. You know, by the second paragraph reading I was quite literally outside my own body. It’s so hard to come back down after a religious experience.”
~ Trace Short, Sr. Producer, Multimedia
Office of the Under Secretary of Defense/Intelligence; Coalition Support
General Dynamics Information Technology Intelligence Solutions Division (London, UK)

“Hi Alan, Thank you so much for a great VO recording session today.I look forward to working again with you soon.”
~ Lee Woulfe, Video Producer, Merck & Company, Inc.

“Alan, as always, you did a wonderful job on our last project together. Our client was thrilled with the final tape. Your professionalism and experience always come through in your voice—overs and in turn in the finished products. We look forward to working on the next project with you.”
~ Jill Cohn, Vice President, Productions, Edelman Public Relations

“Hi, Alan — Everyone was pleased with the end product, and we are currently waiting to hear from the Chinese in Beijing. I want to thank you again, for a job very well done. I look forward to working with you again soon.”
~ Ken Book, President, Total Impact Communications, Ltd.

“I also wanted to say a much overdue thank you for the outstanding work you did on that documentary narration. The more we hear it, the more we realize what an integral part you played in making the program the inspiring and intriguing piece it is. You really captured the aura of Chiricahua with your voice in a way I’m not sure many other actors could. Alan, you were also a pleasure to work with every step of the way.”
~ Gayle Putman, Prod/Dir, DOCUMENTARIES Keystone Media Group

“Alan, Thanks again for a nice job. You are a pleasure to work with.”
~ Peter Coan, Editor, Smithsonian Networks, Washington, DC

“Alan, Just heard your VO with the animation. It sounds great! You did an excellent job.”
~ Jane Hurd, President Hurd Studios NYC (Division of Grey Healthcare)

“Alan, If all talent were like you, my job would be easy. You never fail to make me look good. And you’re great fun to be around.”
~ Thomas J. Score, President , KDJ Advertising LLC

“And, by the way, might I just say that you WERE SUPERB YESTERDAY, you One—Take Man! Thank you again”
~ Pamela Egan, Producer, XYZ Medical Corp.

“Alan Sklar is a FANTASTIC VO talent! He’s a pleasure to recommend. I’ve worked with him on insane pharmaceutical videos in which he smoothly discussed multisyllabic medical terminology as if he had grown up using those words. He’s the One—take wonder!”
~ Joyce Boll, Executive Producer, Boll & Company

“Alan, Brilliant! You truly are a MARVEL! Really!”
~ Cliff Hahn, Cliff Hahn Sound, NYC

“Alan, you were so good that it makes it painful to return to work with mere mortals. Thanks so much.”
~ Rob VanAlkemade, Director, Warrior Poets, NYC

“Alan…You are a god.”
~ Burke Wood, President Burkewood Creative

“Hi Alan, We listened to all the voice overs and they are great! You really nailed the Hluhluwe—Umfolozi :—) I’m so glad I found you to work with us. Besides the fact you have great humor and it was fun to work with you, I really feel good about the results and think your voice is a perfect fit. I’m also really pleased with your professional approach, contacting the NY tour operators and getting into the correct pronunciations based on our input. THANK YOU!!! It was a pleasure to work with you and certainly not the last time.”
~ Wouter Vergeer, Executive Producer, Ximon Media BV, The Netherlands

“You did a fantastic job here…You really put a lot into this…your voice is so expressive…I am really impressed with you Alan.”
~ Paul Swibinski, Owner, Vision Media Marketing, Inc.

“Alan, it was great meeting you. We were all very impressed with your performance (4 spots in 90 minutes!) and really appreciated your feedback through the whole process.”
~ Bennett Olson, Marketing Associate, Imagine 360 Marketing, NYC

“Thanks again for a job well done. Everybody was happy. Yossi just kept saying “awesome.” What a pleasure to work with a pro.”
~ Barbara Ralston, Taro Pharmaceuticals

“Alan, I just heard your VO cut into rough edits of the pieces. GREAT JOB!!! Really smooth, subtly arch, you hit just the right tone (and a different one at that) on them all. You are one versatile and very funny guy!!”
~ Carolyn Swartz, Creative Director, Peloton Creative Group

“Hi, Alan, Just wanted to let you know they were all thrilled with your VO. You sound fantastic. And thanks for sending your CD reel. It’s awesome. Your versatility is astounding.”
~ Gene Moore, Pyramid Productions, Mt. Kisco, NY

“It’s been many months since you recorded several character voices from “Alice in Wonderland” for me. I want to tell you that the audience response has been tremendous. The “Alice” illustrations set to your multiple voices (you schizophrenic!) are consistently complimented after my presentations. It’s hard to pick a favorite character voice among Tweedledee, The Queen of Hearts, the Chesire Cat, and the Caterpillar…but the common element to all of them is Alan Sklar. Great voices, great homework, great read. Thanks, Alan!”
~ Jim Tusty, Pres., Mountain View Productions

“Thanks Alan — and like always — great recording with a “master” like you! Smooth and meaningful…Our Client, Pierre, left very, very happy. You are the “official” voice of Katina!”
~ Simon Nuchtern, Katina Productions LLC

“Alan, Many thanks for the important role you played in our historic production, “The First Fifty Years”. It was great fun to watch you captivate an audience of over 2000 at our recent Shot Show. They watched, listened and learned about NSSF’s history in complete silence…less one unexpected but appreciated round of applause after you mentioned the passage of The Lawful Commerce In Arms Act.”
~ David Miles, Director, Electronic Media, National Shooting Sports Foundation

“Hi Alan, We are getting such good feedback from lots of directions about your reading of Michelangelo & The Pope’s Ceiling… people especially appreciate your Italian pronunciation!”
~ Linda Olsen, Audiobook Publisher, Audio Partners Publishing Corp.

“Dear Alan, I am extremely pleased with your work on BLOOD & THUNDER, as I am with the other titles that you have recorded for us. We have high hopes for the reviews on this book.”
~ Paul Jobling, President, Chivers Audiobooks North America

“Dear Alan, I’d like to thank you for the excellent work you did on the “Move It” PSA’s. Your narration was perfect! The PSA’s really turned out well, and most importantly, the client loved them.”
~ Joanna Amoratis, Producer, Media Productions, NJN

“Once again, Alan, thanks for the opportunity to work with you. You are very talented and funny and we had a blast working with you. Thanks.”
~ Christopher Swirski, Art Director, MODEM MEDIA

“Thanks Alan. The spot sounds great. You are such a pro!”
~ Aimee Nuzzo, Executive Producer, SnapFocus Productions

“Alan thank you again for a wonderful job. And it’s great fun working with you. I’ll get the next book to you soon.”
~ Margy Bauman, Audio Scholar/Redwood Audiobooks

“Hi Alan. Everyone at Audubon loved your delivery! Thanks for the great work! You make my work look good.”
~ Simon Nuchtern, Katina Productions, NYC

“The client loved the finished Castrol video, and your narration was key to its success.
Thanks for such a great job once again.”
~ Michael Liszczynsky, Megavideo Productions

“In recognition of an outstanding job on a complex script. I was impressed by your ability to navigate through the medical terminology. As always, it is a pleasure working with you.”
~ Susanne Galya, Decker & Associates, Inc.

“We’ve worked with Alan on many many projects over the past 18 years. Alan always brings his humor, charm, professionalism, and huge skill to every project. No matter how whacky the circumstances might be, Alan will find a way to sell the writing to an audience, and make them love it in the end!”
~ Susan Mackewich, Executive Producer, Gizmo Audio & Video Post NYC

“Just a quick note to tell you how delighted I was with your narration. Your skillful interpretation and wonderful tone of voice made the words vital and compelling and, when appropriate, very moving as well. Thanks to your personal and sincere reading, the video succeeds beautifully, as both an educational piece and fundraising tool.”
~ Marcia Marafioti, Public Relations Consultant

“Dear Alan, Thanks for your excellent work on Lucent Technologies’ STEP INTO THE SPOTLIGHT narration. As always, it was a pleasure working with you.”
~ Eve Burris, Producer/Director, Burris Communications

“Dear Alan, Thanks for your work on Fab—Tech’s training video. I want you to know that the client was very pleased with the final product. They are also getting positive feedback from their own clients.”
~ Barbara Smorgans, Producer, Lake Champlain Productions

“Hi, Alan, Thanks again for the great job last week; just finished cutting the video which
looks and sounds great!”
~ Kenji Edmonds, Roley Poley Productions LLC

“Recently, it was my privilege to hire Alan Sklar to perform a rather lengthy and difficult narration for an environmental medicine program. His professionalism, attention to detail, as well as demonstrating a marvelous speaking voice, drew rave reviews from myself and colleagues alike. Alan is also quite personable and open to suggestions which made for a wonderful working relationship. In short, he is a consummate professional whom I recommend unequivocally.”
~ Douglas Ratner, MD Overlook Hospital

“Alan, The check is in the mail. Everyone loved the project and loved your voice.”
~ Anthony Trama, CEO, The Creators Video Production, Pleasantville, NY

“Alan, I asked the agency to increase your fees for the session because I felt you had gone above and beyond the call of duty…(and so did we!) Thank you for your usual excellent job.”
~ Joe Refano, President, MediaMechanix

“Alan, you nailed it. All the reads are great! Thanks so much!”
~ Aimee Nuzzo, Exec. Prod., SnapFocus Productions

“Congratulations on a wonderful reading of Blood & Thunder! We are extremely happy with your narration of the book.”
~ Michael Vadeboncoeur, Chivers Audiobooks North America

“Alan, it was great working with you! You really “got” the narrative fast. I was very impressed.”
~ Otto Coca, Director/Writer, Hemming—Gilman Productions

“Alan, I managed to use bits and pieces of both recordings and they match beautifully. I think it is a great job! The Audubon people screened it last night and loved it. All the best and thanks for the great work!”
~ Simon Nuchtern, Owner, Katina Productions, NY NY

“Alan, first, let me say that this is an amazing read. Your voice is a pleasure to edit and I truly look forward to the next couple Block titles.”
~ John Holkeboer, Lead Audio Engineer, Dreamscape Media

“Dear Alan, Thank you again for a VO production most exquisite. The “Deadwaiter” trailer is getting great reviews with many kudos to you.”
~ Tina Czarnota, Producer, Boca Raton, FL

“Thanks Alan! That was one of the best voiceovers I have been on.”
~ Katie Jones, Thomas Direct Studios

“Alan, thank you again for a wonderful session. You are a treasure.”
~ Paul Conti, Pres., Big Time Productions, Inc.

“Alan, I just wanted to say thank you for your patience and for doing a terrific job on our Expense Accounting program. Your style and delivery will definitely help sell the message for us.”
~ Rich Hanley, Producer, Atlantic Mutual Companies

“Alan, Here is a copy of the tape. I think the piece came out really well and you give it an extremely funny, dry edge. Really enjoyed working with you.”
~ Lalita Khosla, Producer, Bravo Network

On Camera Projects

“Alan, Thanks for your work on the Physicians’ Online shoot. You were a pleasure to work with and the client felt you were perfect and loves the finished piece. Does it get better than that?”
~ Steve Shane, Steve Shane Productions, San Francisco

“Your work throughout rehearsal was exemplary in spite of the demands, difficulties, and time constraints. Alan, your talent and force was felt in the performance.”
~ Dan Hess, Executive Producer, Hess Productions

“As promised, here’s a VHS of the Security Orientation video. John Tanner and the entire management team are absolutely thrilled with this piece…especially your performance. I agree, you’ve outdone yourself. Thanks again, Alan, for being a consummate professional, and fun too.”
~ JoAnn Huckvale, Director, Video & Creative Services, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

“Alan, Thank you very much for your terrific work on the Scan—Optic Series 9000 program. Your on—camera performance turned what could have been quite a dull, ordinary program into a very watchable presentation. The client loved it.”
~ Dan Carey, Executive Producer, Carey—Mac Film & Video Productions

“Our National Sales Meeting was a huge success. In large measure our videos contributed to this success. Especially The Dream Detail…the audience howled. Everyone in the field and home office wants a copy. Alan, you made the video…it’s all yours, and you did a fabulous job.”
~ JoAnn Huckvale, Mgr, Corporate A/V Communications, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

“Alan, Thanks again for a wonderful performance. The client was thrilled.”
~ Roy Cohn, President, Cohn Creative Group

Live Corporate Events

“Alan, Thanks for making the Advisory! Game a huge hit. It created quite a buzz in the hallway during the break and at the end of the session. We received great feedback not only on the Jeopardy game but also on its educational value. The game was executed flawlessly and you did a great job as Mr. Trebeck.”
~ Richard Hiss, Senior Director, Marketing Advisory Services, KPMG LLP
(Jeopardy Quiz Show spoof for KPMG 2005 Annual Partners’ Meeting)

“Alan, I heard it was fantastic!!! I’m so thrilled. Thank you so much for all your time and effort.”
~ Jennifer Swidler, V.Pres & Senior Creative Director, Jack Morton Worldwide
(Jeopardy Quiz Show spoof for KPMG 2005 Annual Partners Meeting)

“Dear Alan, I just want to again say thanks for a great performance at our 2005 Leadership Conference. You are not only very good at what you do, you are a delight to work with. All of the feedback from our attendees was extremely positive and you are a large part of why the meeting was such a success.”
~ Dennis Thomas, Sr. Vice President, International Paper Co.

“During last month’s NAB Convention, Alan Sklar was one of four actors hired by Harris Corporation to “anchor” a news program. I cannot praise Alan highly enough. Alan not only performed brilliantly, but he made significant contributions behind the scenes as well. Among other things, he added personal warmth and levity to the normal trade show stress and suggested appropriate script revisions that improved the program. The bottom line? Alan did a great job for us at NAB. We were lucky to have him and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”
~ Martha Rapp, Mgr, Marketing Communications, Harris Corp.

“A much—belated but heartfelt note of thanks for the terrific job you did at our Keystone Sales Meeting. Your portrayal of Dr. Sklar, clinical psychologist and astute observer of all of Ken Daly’s foibles, was clearly the high point of the meeting. Your ability to walk a fine satirical line helped us all communicate our affection and respect for Ken’s leadership. I’m forever appreciative for a truly outstanding job.”
~ Karen Schimpf, National marketing Director, KPMG

“Please accept our sincere gratitude for your stellar performance at The New York Festivals’ TV & Cinema Commercials Awards event. We have only heard positive comments from the client and members of the audience, and you should take pride in knowing that much of that credit was due to your participation.”
~ Peter J. Levy, Producer, The New York Festivals

“Alan, thank you so much — you were the absolute perfect match for this International Paper’s conference. I hope we have the chance to do this again sometime. Great working with you”
~ Candice Dodge, Project Mgr., Williams/Gerard Productions

“Alan, the skit was a big hit and you did a great job! The KPMG clients are still talking about the event. It was truly a pleasure working with you; you’re a real pro! Let’s do it again”
~ Matt Fritz, Executive Producer, Jack Morton Worldwide