Documentaries Credits

“When Lions Attack”
“Nazi Gold”
“Rudolph Hess”
“The Siege of Leningrad”
“Where He Walked (The Life of Jesus)”
“Acres of Oysters”
“Teddy Kolek, Mayor of Jerusalem”
“The Kobe Earthquake”
“Will Our Cities Survive?”
“Jerusalem: The City Touched By God”
“The Helicopter, A Most Useful Invention”
“Pablo Picasso”
“Chiricahua National Monument”
“The City of Greater N.Y.: The Story of Consolidation”
“The Knights Of St. John”
“The Croatians In America”
“The Jews Of Croatia”
“The Statue of Liberty”
The Center For Jewish History
The Sarajevo Haggadah
Medjugorje In The New Millenium
“Hostages of Hate” (The Influence of The UN on the Palestinian Problem)
“What Would Jesus Buy?” (Written & Directed by Rob VanAlkemade)
“The Silent Exodus”

Produced by

Smithsonian Channel
AudioWorks Producers Group
A&E TV Networks
Crosswalks TV Networks
Yale Roe Films – Rebo Studios
NHK Broadcasting, Tokyo
Sikorsky Aircraft
National Park Service
Connecticut Oyster Industry
Republic of Croatia (Education Ministry)
RPM Media
Jerusalem Films
JVL Productions
Cogerev Films

Museum Audio Tours

A Walking Tour of Kyoto
Intrepid Sea/Air/Space Museum
Indiana State Museum (Permanent Collection)
Qing Dao City Museum (China)
Fort Montgomery, NY State Parks
“Casting A Spell” Winslow Homer: Artist & Angler
Peabody Essex Museum
The White House